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‘Lucky break’ for citizen of the world

ACER International Student Scholarship recipient Chia Hui Tan at James Cook University. Photo by Richard Davis courtesy of James Cook University.

For Chia Hui Tan, winning the inaugural ACER International Student Scholarship was a ‘lucky break.’ ‘I don’t consider myself to be academically inclined, at least compared with my siblings,’ says Tan. ‘Winning the ACER International Student Scholarship has renewed my confidence in myself.’

The scholarship from the Australian Council for Educational Research has enabled the Malaysian citizen who grew up in Singapore and New Zealand to undertake an undergraduate Business degree at James Cook University in Townsville.

Tan, who describes himself as having been an international student since Kindergarten, says studying a Business degree in Australia is a ‘smart choice’.

‘The whole point of a university education is to arm you with the right tools to advance your career, but studying in Australia also supports my education as a citizen of the world,’ he says.

The 21-year-old says the ACER International Student Scholarship will ease the financial pressure on his family. ‘My parents have inspired me to strive to make the most of my abilities; it is their sacrifices that have enabled my successes,’ Tan says.

The ACER International Student Scholarship helps to cover tuition fees for two to three years for an international student who wishes to study for an undergraduate Business degree at an Australian university.

What is AISS?

AISS is a scholarship to help support an international student who wishes to study for an undergraduate Business degree at an Australian university. The 2014 scholarship was valued at AUD$50,000, payable over two to three years. The scholarship money was used to cover tuition fees. The inaugural AISS was awarded in February 2014, for studies commencing that year.

The 2014 scholarship was awarded based on the highest score achieved in the selection test, the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT), so was performance-based, rather than needs-based.

Information for the next round of AISS will be available at this website in early 2015. If you would like the AISS Office to inform you when the next round of AISS registration is open, please express your interest by clicking here.


Important Dates

18 Mar 2013 Scholarship Applications opened

01 Feb 2014 Scholarship Applications closed

07 Feb 2014 Deadline for sitting the Selection Test (ISAT)
(Test registration fee applies)

14 Feb 2014 Scholarship recipient was notified

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