Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER

The Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER is at the forefront of a new transdisciplinary field that we believe has the potential to improve teaching and learning.

On 3 July 2014 (from left) Dr Mike Timms and Dr Sacha DeVelle met with SLRC partners, Professor Diana Laurilland and Professor Brian Butterworth at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, UK. The meeting involved a day workshop to discuss the experimental methodology and steps forward for the project “Learner Processing of Feedback in Intelligent Learning Environments’.


Upcoming SLRC Victorian seminars for teachers

Teacher Learning: Selective Attention & Decision-Making
Presented by Prof. David Clarke and Dr Hilary Hollingsworth on Tuesday 29 July, location TBA.

ACER Research Conference 2014
3-5 August, in Adelaide

Features some Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER sessions

A workshop on learning and the brain

A workshop on learning and the brain: What does the Science of Learning mean for educators? Dr Kate Reid and Dr Sarah Buckley.