Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER

The Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER is at the forefront of a new transdisciplinary field that we believe has the potential to improve teaching and learning.

CoNNecT’M conference attendance

Dr Sacha DeVelle attended the First International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience in Malaysia in February 2014.

Mathematics anxiety impacts teacher efficacy

Mathematics anxiety impacts teacher efficacy: Can we intervene using approaches from education, neuroscience and psychology?

Education and Neuroscience – Seminar series for Victorian Teachers

Dr Siek Toon Khoo will be one of the first to present in the SLRC seminar series on the Science of Learning in 2015.


Learning Over Lunch - An ACER Staff Event Only

Learner Processing of Feedback in Intelligent Learning Environments: What does the Research Show?
Presented by Sacha DeVelle, Ursula Schwantner and Dulce Lay on Thursday 20 November 2014


A workshop on learning and the brain

A workshop on learning and the brain: What does the Science of Learning mean for educators? Dr Kate Reid and Dr Sarah Buckley.


SLRC Big Day Out

21-22 May 2015 in Sydney. Details TBA