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Cunningham Library encourages ACER Institute students to take advantage of the excellent resources and services offered by ACER's Library service.

Finding Information

Public Resources

Remote Access to Selected Student Resources

The Library allocates each ACER Institute student with a personal login to remotely access the full complement of online Library resources for students. This remote access is provided via a service called Athens.  The additional resources offered via login include databases that assist in locating relevant journal articles and complete online articles and books. Unit reading lists, with links to any available online reading, are also included.

Note: The Athens login consists of a username (acersurname initial EG acersmithj) and a password originally allocated by the Library. Questions regarding this remote access service should be directed to the Library.

Note: To avoid potential problems, please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when you login to Athens.


Borrow Books

Books in the Cunningham Library collection are available on loan for a period of four weeks, or two weeks if there is a reservation on a title. Students will receive an email reminder to return books prior to the due date or optionally to renew the loan.

Request a Book

Students can request a loan be delivered by post. The postal return cost will be at the expense of the student.

  • Submit a Book Request (will link to form - draft is being considered by JennyB)

Request an Article

Articles in print in the Library and some other documents can be copied and sent to students on request.

  • Submit a Copy Request (will include link to form-draft is being considered by Jenny B)

Articles will be sent via email whenever possible.  However some copyright and licence restrictions may limit provision to a print copy. Print copies will be posted.

Reserve a Book

A reservation can be placed on books that are on loan.  Books on loan will display a due date in the record details provided via the More info link, for example:

Standards for educational and psychological testing. (2014 ed).
    CALL NUMBER: 371.260973 STA More info

To place a reservation email your reservation request to Cunningham Library

Seek Advice

There is a specific librarian assigned to liaise and support students in relation to finding research and information, and in using Library resources and services. Your contact:

Jenny Trevitt
Telephone 9277 5550

General inquiries regarding loans, reservations and copy requests can always be directed via the general contact details for the Cunningham Library. 


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Contact the Library

Hours of Opening:9 – 5 Monday to Friday
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Library Phone:+61 3 9277 5553
Street address:19 Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell, VIC, Australia 3124
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Liaison Librarian:Jenny Trevitt
Phone:+61 3 9277 5550