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Editor: Dr Peter McIlveen, University of Southern Queensland

Published in association with SAGE Publications

3 issues per year: Autumn, Winter, Spring

The Australian Journal of Career Development (AJCD) is the leading professional journal focusing on current theory, practice and policy relating to the career and work education field.

As many of you will already be aware as of Volume 22, Issue 1, 2013 the Australian Journal of Career Development will be produced and distributed by SAGE publications.

SAGE has over 45 years experience publishing journals and we are delighted to be able to hand the production of the journal over to such capable hands. The AJCD will still be owned by the Australian Council for Educational Research with Dr Peter McIlveen continuing as Editor. This ensures that the AJCD will remain the same informative and widely distributed peer-reviewed journal of choice for career development professionals.

In making this change, we hope that we can build a larger readership for the AJCD, while providing an enhanced level of service to our subscribers and readers. We will naturally make every effort to ensure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible and would welcome any comments or queries you may have.

The AJCD is targeted towards professionals in:

  • Educational and academic settings
  • Community and government agencies
  • Business and industrial settings

It features current and relevant articles, case studies concerning innovative programs and individual work, reviews of software, kits, books and programs, and a careers forum to promote the sharing of relevant information and stimulating discussion and debate.

The AJCD will help you:

  • Keep up with current theory, practice and policy in career education
  • Be stimulated by the latest research in all aspects of career development
  • Know about issues in occupational information and trends in the labour market
  • Find out what other career professionals are doing
  • Catch up with the training needs of career practitioners and how they might deliver the best service to users

"The AJCD is doing something unique in Australia by having a single journal which speaks to practitioners and researchers across the school, adult vocational education, HR and private practice sectors. In the US there are five journals all pitched to these as discrete groups. The move now is to integrate services across the life-span, so the AJCD is 'ahead of the game'."

Mark Savickas
Chair and Professor of Behavioural Science
College of Medicine
Northeastern Ohio University

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