Research Conference 2014

Quality and Equity: What does research tell us?
Adelaide Convention Centre 3-5 August, 2014

Research Conference 2014

Andreas Schleicher, Quality and Equity

Quality and Equity: What does research tell us?

As Australia grapples with the question of how to achieve improvements in both quality and equity in education, Research Conference 2014 brings together leading researchers and practitioners to share their evidence and experience in relation to this important challenge.

Pre-conference sessions on Sunday, 3 August, will cover quality and equity in the early years, Indigenous and vocational education and training, followed by a conversation with Julia Gillard, Board Chair of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and former Prime Minister of Australia. Ms Gillard recently announced a record commitment through GPE to education funding in developing countries to improve access and equity, address quality and learning outcomes and improve data and educational management systems.

Research Conference 2014 will be formally opened on Monday, 4 August by The Hon Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education.

Speakers include:

Professor Petra Stanat, Director of the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement at Humboldt University of Berlin, has analysed PISA data to look at the performance of immigrant students. Although immigrant students in Australia do well in PISA maths, Stanat argues that, like immigrants in Germany, they may face challenges in relation to identity and language, aspects of 'belonging'.


Dr Sally Brinkman, Senior Research Fellow and Program Manager Faculty Member at the world-renowned Telethon Kids Institute in Perth. Sally is also the Co-Director of the Fraser Mustard Centre, an innovative initiative between the Telethon Kids Institute and the Department of Education and Child Development (SA) to improve research translation.


Dr Petra Lietz (ACER, Adelaide), with Professor John Halsey, Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney, Dr I Gusti Darmawan and Dr Carol Aldous, will explore factors related to literacy and numeracy performance for Indigenous and rural students in Australia and other countries. The session will also compare the situation in rural and remote South Australia with metropolitan Adelaide.

Parents, teachers and the general public will find invaluable takeaways from the presentations at Research Conference 2014.  Evidence from Australian and international research presented by Professor Joe Sparling, Dr Diana Warren and others shows the long-term benefits of quality child care and kindergarten attendance, and the active role parents can play in early learning. Dr Sue Thomson of ACER will reveal emerging gender issues in mathematics, while Associate Professor Mere Berryman will share the successes of a project with Maori students in New Zealand.

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Sunday, 3 August, 4.30pm

Hon. Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia will discuss Quality and Equity with Prof. Geoff Masters AO, CEO of ACER.

Conference Dinner, Monday, 4 August, 6.30pm

Hear from guest speaker Dr Lynn Arnold AO, meet with speakers and participants, reflect on the conference and enjoy fine South Australian food.

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