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Evaluation of the ‘Deadly Vibe’ Magazine


Deadly Vibe is a magazine for Indigenous children and youth, sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training. It is distributed to over 4000 schools and 400 juvenile detention centres throughout Australia.  ACER was contracted by the magazine to conduct an evaluation based on an examination of the following issues:

  * The effect of the magazine on improving educational outcomes for Indigenous students;
  * The effect of the magazine (e.g., Solid Score competition) on increasing school attendance rates of Indigenous students;
  * The value of the magazine as a tool for teachers;
  * Students’, teachers’, and principals’ views on the value of continuation of the magazine; and
  * Students’, teachers’, and principals’ views of the consequences of discontinuation of the magazine.

      Two surveys (student and teacher) were developed and sent to 1900 schools across Australia. The overwhelming finding was that the magazine provides a unique resource for students and teachers that has positive impacts on students’ attitudes, knowledge, and achievement in the areas of literacy, numeracy, career aspirations, health, and Indigenous culture (see: Purdie, Ellis & Stone, 2004: Purdie & Stone, 2005a,b). These positive impacts apply to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, but more particularly to Indigenous students.

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Purdie, N., Ellis, L., & Stone, A. (2004). Engaging Indigenous students at school: An evaluation of the Deadly Vibe magazine. Prepared for Vibe Australia.

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