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The Victorian DEECD project On Track: Follow-up and Referral of Year 12 or Equivalent Completers and Early School Leavers 2008 to 2011 is a large-scale project that involves: (a) collection, analysis and reporting of post-school destination data of Year 12 completers and early leavers from all Victorian schools (2008 to 2011 annually); (b) providing information about support services to those school leavers who appear to be at-risk in the transition process; and (c) longitudinal research to provide a comprehensive picture of what happens to a cohort young people in the four years after they leave school. The Social Research Centre has been subcontracted to conduct the annual data collections. ACER’s role is overall management, design, analysis and reporting. During 2009-10, the staff include Sheldon Rothman (Project Director), Phil McKenzie, Gary Marks, Justin Brown and Trish Firth.

Time Frame:
2008 - 2011

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