Compass Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

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Format and duration 

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Compass Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

Compass is delivered online or via secure USB delivery.  All questions are in multiple choice format.  The test is intended to be administered on a one-to-one or small group basis, allowing for a high level of support from the test supervisor if required.  

Compass is flexible and can be administered and delivered in any type of educational or non-school setting (a standard internet connection is required for online delivery and a computer for the USB option). 

Supervisors are provided with a list of unique student usernames and passwords.  Each test taker will log in individually and provide some general background information (name, date of birth) before being directed to the test screen. 

There is no set time limit for test completion however as a guide, each test takes roughly 30-35 minutes to complete (i.e. one hour for the combined literacy and numeracy assessments).

Test takers can take short breaks as required however it is important not to log off during a break, as this will record that the test has been finished.

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