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ACER is a recognised international leader in the development and provision of high quality assessment and reporting tools and services for schools, universities, TAFE institutes and Registered Training Organisations, health professionals, employers and governments in Australia and internationally.

Organisational assessments

ACER recommends the use of assessment data to support evidence-based decisions about the recruitment, retention and professional development of employees, managers and leaders. ACER’s range of organisational assessments are designed to support  human resource management and organisational development professionals in this process.

Research has demonstrated that an individual’s personality is often a more accurate predictor of success than the individual’s intelligence. No matter how switched-on your employees are, their level of achievement is also governed by how well they communicate their ideas and interact with their peers. Those people who recognise and manage their own feelings and identify with the feelings of others are more likely to perform well in their jobs and progress their careers.

ACER has exclusive distribution rights to resources such as the Majors Personality Type Inventory. These tools allow organisations to explore their employees’ individual psychological type, preferred learning styles and team dynamics.

Effective career management and planning has always been a key area of interest to organisations, special agencies and the individuals concerned. With the recent major fluctuations in the international and local economy, effective career planning, coaching and placement services have experienced a much greater level of attention.

ACER's career management and planning range includes questionnaires to help identify career interest areas and career values, as well as special purpose careers assessments. Our ability and work skills tests are also often used in career planning and outplacement work to formulate individual career options.

This case study demonstrates how ACER’s career management tools can be used.

As well as assisting you to ensure you have the right people in place, ACER can provide your employees the opportunity to build upon their strengths and evaluate future opportunities that will increase their success.

ACER offers a range of solutions to enable employees to become aware of their skills, preferences and values, and to identify possible areas for development. We help employees improve their effectiveness, form strong teams and, ultimately, improve organisational engagement and retention.

This case study demonstrates how ACER’s organisational development tools can be used.

At ACER, we understand the pivotal role of effective leaders to the ongoing success of teams and organisations. Therefore, we are delighted to offer you a range of products relating to leadership selection, development and retention. Our leadership range includes leadership selection, including leadership potential, and leadership development.

This case study demonstrates how ACER’s leadership tools can be used.

The recruitment and selection of the right people to an organisation is one of the most important tasks of an organisation. The wrong choice can be very costly and difficult to rectify. ACER is proud of its track record and reputation in Australia as the leading supplier of psychometric tests used in recruitment and selection. Our tests are used by some of the largest organisations and major recruitment companies, along with smaller businesses and specialist recruitment agencies.

Typically a battery of ability, work skills and personality tests will be used to obtain a comprehensive profile of a candidate and their suitability for the role and organisation.

This case study demonstrates how ACER’s recruitment and selection tools can be used.

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