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ACER is a recognised international leader in the development and provision of high quality assessment and reporting tools and services for schools, universities, TAFE institutes and Registered Training Organisations, health professionals, employers and governments in Australia and internationally.

Vocational, adult and workplace education assessments

ACER’s vocational, adult and workplace education (VAWE) services promote and design evidence-based educational tools and services that support vocational learners and workplace professionals, with a focus on lifelong learning.

ACER works with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), educators and trainers to gather a range of evidence that is the basis for implementing effective policies and practices to improve the quality of vocational education and training (VET) outcomes for learners. ACER’s work and programs are targeted at enhancing the learner’s journey and their engagement with the important educational aspects of VET.

ACER offers customised advice, support, professional development, curriculum and standards development, policy and program evaluation, survey and benchmarking services and psychometric and statistical analysis.

Areas of expertise include:

One of the crucial steps required for ensuring continuous improvement in RTOs, which in turn maximises learner outcomes, involves the identification of learner’s foundation skill levels and performance outcomes.

ACER develops assessments against the two key Australian standards for foundation and employability skills – the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and the Core Skills for Work developmental framework (CSfW).

ACER designs assessments using a range of empirical processes, including moderation and validation, pilot testing (including interviews with learners), client consultations and trials with psychometric analysis. ACER’s rigorous quality assurance processes guarantee assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and fit for purpose.

ACER offers support and a set of instruments, reporting tools and benchmarking options to support a data-driven and outcomes-focused approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement in the vocational, adult and workplace education sector.

The AQTF Quality Indicator Service (AQIS) provides evidence about the quality of delivery of training programs based on the AQTF Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Questionnaires. This service offers flexible survey options along with basic and customisable benchmark reports to assist RTOs in meeting their compliance requirements whilst addressing ongoing quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies.

John Mitchell and Associates (JMA) and ACER have joined forces in the operation and ongoing development of a suite of workforce capability measures known as the Capability Assessment Tools (CATs). The CATs provide a systematic, whole-of-organisation approach to measuring and growing staff capability and organisational potential. 

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ACER can provide pre-recruitment solutions and services to assist corporate or recruitment partners with the selection of candidates for employer-based programs via high-stakes, secure testing.

The Vocational Selection Test (VST) is designed to provide comparative information on candidates’ abilities and is particularly useful for screening large groups of candidates in the initial round of a selection process. The VST has high reliability and has been used since 2002 to screen more than 18 000 candidates.

ACER also offers a range of research-based ability, work skills and personality assessments for recruitment and selection purposes.

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Professional learning

VAWE workshop:


Presenter: Dave Tout

Dates: 2 June, 2016

Time: 9:30am- 1:30pm AEST

Location: ACER Camberwell, Victoria

More information and to register.

This popular, hands-on workshop will enable participants to experience a variety of games and activities suitable for classroom use with a range of maths, numeracy, literacy and ESL students. 

The activities focus on the development of core maths skills through approaches such as cooperative group work that also encourage the development of mathematical language, the use of real-life and hands-on materials, as well as having fun with maths. The maths content will focus on areas such as numbers, measurement, statistics and data, location and direction, and will illustrate alternative approaches to the traditional worksheet or textbook approach for teaching numeracy and maths. The activities have mainly been developed for youth and adult numeracy students but are suitable for all students, especially middle years and VCAL students.

Activities based on the resource, Having Fun with Maths: Activities and games for developing maths language and skills by Dave Tout, and published by Multifangled PL in 2007. Volume 2: Having More Fun with Maths: Activities and games for developing maths language and skills is due out in mid-2016.

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