The Excellence in Professional Practice Conference (EPPC) is a conference exploring best practice for teaching and learning, through presentations and discussions facilitated by leaders and peers
within the educational community.

EPPC is designed and curated for the benefit and development of teachers, school leaders and researchers, and teams within educational communities collaborating for the purpose of driving educational improvement in specific year levels, across a whole school, or in connected networks of schools or learning institutions.

Held annually, EPPC provides an opportunity for educators from across Australia and around the world to gather together to share, learn, network and benefit from a unique environment of peer-based learning and discussion.

Images from the EPPC Conference 2016

EPPC conference 2016
EPPC conference 2016
EPPC conference 2016

A conference by practitioners, for practitioners

EPPC is your unique opportunity for educators to meet, share and discuss educational practice while learning from peers, colleagues and educational leaders.


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Conference Sponsors

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