What is the ISA?

The ISA assessment program is designed specifically for students in international schools in Grades 3–10. It is based on the internationally endorsed reading, mathematical literacy and scientific literacy frameworks of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

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Note that the ISA is not part of PISA and is not endorsed by the OECD.

Why choose the ISA?

Innovative assessments

Innovative assessments

Designed specifically for international school populations. Writing tasks and open-ended questions in reading, mathematical literacy and scientific literacy to better illuminate students' thinking processes.

Flexible delivery for ISA assessments

Flexible delivery

Online and paper mathematical literacy, reading and writing for Grades 3–10. Online scientific literacy for Grades 7–10. Flexibility to combine testing modes.

ISA provides informative reporting

Informative reporting

The ISA reports inform improvements in teaching and learning and tell school leaders, teachers and parents what they want to know.

Who uses the ISA?

Over 76,000 students from 355 schools across nearly 80 countries participated in ISA 2015–16.

List of schools using the ISA.

ISA information pack

All the information you need about the ISA program in a convenient PDF document.

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When does ISA testing take place?

Schools may choose ONE of the following dates.

September 2016

Paper delivery only

Mon 26 Sept - Fri 7 Oct
(Mon 10 Oct - Fri 14 Oct if required)

Register by:
31 July

Results delivered:
early December

February 2017

Online and/or paper delivery

Mon 13 Feb - Fri 24 Feb
(Mon 27 Feb - Fri 3 Mar if required)

Register by:
27 January (online)
30 November (paper)

Results delivered:
early April (online)
late April (paper)

May 2017

Online delivery only

Mon 8 May - Fri 19 May
(Mon 22 May - Fri 26 May if required)

Register by:
21 April

Results delivered:

How much does it cost?

Online flexible

(February or May)

Test type: Online


  • Mathematical literacy and reading
  • Writing (narrative / reflective and exposition / argument)
  • ISA Teaching Resources Centre


Mathematical literacy and reading AU$22 / Student
Writing (narrative / reflective and exposition / argument) AU$22 / Student

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(September or February)

Test type: Paper


  • Mathematical literacy
  • Reading and writing (narrative / reflective and exposition / argument)
  • ISA Teaching Resources Centre


AU$47 per student for more than 20 participants*

AU$940 flat fee for 20 or fewer participants

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*The cost applies to any student who completes all or part of the ISA assessment. AUD8.50 is also charged per registered student who does not participate or is absent for all parts of the ISA