Higher education

ACER’s global research expertise addresses policy, assessment and surveys in the higher education sector to support leaders, policymakers, educators and learners.

ACER’s higher education research capabilities broadly span three areas: policy research, assessment and surveys. Drawing on extensive expertise in higher education research, ACER works with intergovernmental agencies such as the OECD and ASEAN, governments, universities and higher education stakeholder groups in more than 17 countries.

Policy research

Areas in which ACER's higher education researchers have expertise include:

  • Transitions and pathways, with a particular focus on selection and equity
  • System growth and monitoring change
  • Indigenous access and learning
  • International student issues, particularly mobility
  • Student learning and career outcomes
  • Benchmarking for institutions and systems


ACER's higher education research team has assessment experience addressing:

  • Common assessments
  • Collaborative development of assessments
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment development workshops
  • Evaluation of assessment processes and practice
  • Online deployment and reporting


Researchers at ACER have developed, administered, analysed and reported on higher education surveys in the following areas:

  • Experience and engagement of students and staff
  • Graduate intentions and destinations
  • Transitions to tertiary education
  • Evaluation of program, process, policy and quality
  • Benchmarking